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About Us

Transform, Transcend, Triumph

Vision and mindset

We help business owners develop a strong and growth-focused mindset, so they can overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve long-term success

Business growth

Using our extensive experience we help clients identify opportunities, implement effective strategies, and overcome obstacles for business growth and success.

Exit planning

We help clients create a custom exit strategy that align with their business goals. Our guidance ensures a seamless transition and the best possible results when selling your business

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

Fulfilling Promises, Fuelling Prosperity


We start by helping you gain crystal-clear insight into your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis). Thus forming your personal exit strategy.


Global Tech Assets Consulting keeps you abreast of current market trends in the tech sector, providing valuable insights into valuation expectations and buyer preferences.


We work with you to identify and implement key performance indicators (KPIs) and operational improvements that enhance your business's attractiveness to potential buyers.


We leverage our expertise to help you understand your fair market value. Then, you can negotiate from a position of strength.

Long-Term Focused

Ready to pass the torch? We offer guidance on developing a smooth and successful transition plan that protects your legacy and secures the future.


We guide you through the complexities of deal structuring, ensuring an agreement that aligns with your financial and legacy objectives.

Nurturing Growth,
One Idea at a Time

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Our Vision:

To revolutionize the SME landscape to drive growth and prosperity for all business owners

Our Mission:

Empower SME owners with cutting-edge tools, expert knowledge, and support to foster sustainable growth and prosperity

Meet Our Board Members

Naveed Ahmed

Experienced business leader and coach having worked with several FTSE 500 companies and public sector organisations.


Waheed Ahmed

Seasoned digital expert with extensive experience in marketing, advertising, branding, digital & online, and creative direction across diverse industries.


Mark Lavender

Experienced Managing Director within the B2B environment.   Skilled in leading teams to deliver sustainable, profitable growth.  People focused, commercially driven.


Akhtar Khan

Renowned business psychologist, coach, investor & author.  Amassed a multimillion-pound portfolio through property and business deals focusing on M&A and construction ventures.


Tapiwa Manjengwa

An accomplished Business and Technology Executive with over 25 years of experience across industries. Worked for the world’s largest Private Equity firm.


Mathew Wilkins

Technology director with over 20 years experience of all aspects of technology, within a multitude of sectors and a focus on delivering solid results


Nadeem Akhtar

An experienced business investor, owner and property expert. Manages a number IT organisations with blu-chip clientele and servicing several industries.


Ethan Fisher

Experienced product manager and coach within global organisations looking after multi-million pound projects and global teams


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