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About the company

Founded in the early 20th century, this company is a prominent player in the retail industry, employing over 420,000 people globally. Headquartered in London, it operates a network of 7,000 stores across 11 countries. Over the years, this company has consistently held the largest market share in the UK, accounting for approximately 27% of the market.

In addition to its core supermarket business, this company has diversified into various sectors since the 1960s. These include retailing books, clothing, electronics, furniture, toys, petrol, software, financial services, telecoms, and internet services.

Following a significant acquisition of a wholesaler in 2018, valued at billions of pounds, this company achieved impressive financial results. It reported a 28% increase in operating profits, with a pre-tax profit before exceptional items of £1.64 billion in the fiscal year ending February 2019. Total group sales also rose by 2.8% to reach £57.5 billion.

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How we helped:

The challenge

This company faced the challenge of managing a complex technology landscape that comprised both legacy systems and more modern cloud-native architectures. With strong product and technology divisions, the company aimed to develop cutting-edge digital products to support new channels and expand into new markets, all while reducing technical debt and the cost associated with technology changes.

Our vision at Digital Edge is to help the company maintain store profitability, reduce change costs, and facilitate new channels, the company needed the ability to leverage skilled experts in both product and engineering fields. The company sought the support of Digital Edge consultants to assist in building and scaling strategic APIs that would enable the decommissioning of legacy systems.


The Solution

To address this challenge, Digital Edge deployed a team of highly experienced and carefully selected consultants to work alongside the supermarket’s existing contact, identity, profile, and pricing teams. These consultants collaborated with team members to develop features and drive outcomes. Their expertise also helped integrate quality into the software development practices of the teams, from the initial story creation to the final production stage.

By refactoring away from larger legacy services and transitioning to smarter, cloud-based services, Digital Edge supported the company in building more efficient and easily consumable services across its technology infrastructure.

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